When Will It Happen?

List of incredible things that may happen:

(The items are in no particular order)

Planes can't fly. The fuel will be too expensive.
What year will Jet Fuel cost so much that commercial airlines can not fly?
It may happen within your lifetime.

Ships can cross the Arctic Ocean. Now that Global Warming is melting
the Polar North ocean ice, we can benefit by shortening the shipping routes
from Asia to Europe. This is a great accomplishment!
However, it will most likely cause untold harm to the environment of our planet.

Gasoline costs more than Milk.
What year will One Gallon of Gasoline cost more than One Gallon of Milk?

Canada becomes the Number One World Power.
I'll bet you haven't thought of this at all until now...
Canada is a well managed country, with great natural resources,
they have made no enemies in the world. It's only a matter of time.
Global Warming will make most of Canada the most pleasant place in the world.

Coal fired Power Plants are banned.
This will be one of the first steps in limiting Carbon Dioxide emissions.
But, since humans are terrified of Nuclear Power, they would almost rather die than switch to Nuclear.
Thus, Coal will be banned just before all humans almost die.

First Class Postage $1.00. The Post Office should write a book called:
"How to Run a Business on Infinite Resources". They just raise rates, whenever.

Children wear Bullet Proof Vests to school.
And they come in many different fashionable designs.

Dude Wins Miss America. Some guy out there is probably already thinking
about how he can enter the pagent, fool the judges and win.

USA becomes a Third World country.
George Bush wasted a Trillion dollars in Iraq.
During 8 years, he (and the Red Team) created the largest budget deficits in human history.
Interest payments on Treasury Bonds to finance the debt are now the largest budget item.
When this happens, any country earns "Third World" status.
OOPS - This already happened, perhaps I should remove this item from the list?
But -- can the "Blue Team" fix this problem -- maybe if Evangelicals start to think... NOT!

Scurvy and Rickets return to USA. The diets of children in America
are becoming more nutritionally lacking every year. The lack of Vitamins C and D
in processed foods will bring back Scurvy(C) and Rickets(D).

Fattening Chemical is Discovered in Diet Soft Drinks. The artificial sweeteners
added to soft drinks since the 1970's has tricked the FDA's calorie tests,
but users continue to gain weight at a faster pace! Something is disvovered about
those fake chemicals that trigger 'Store Fat' mode inside our bodies.

Commercial Advertizing built into all TV programs.
Ad Execs are worried about TIVO-style recorders. Everyone skips past commercials.
If you've ever watched 'The Apprentice' you can see twenty minute commercials built into the show!

Day Care Centers in High Schools. Teenage pregnancy will become so widely spread
that schools will need to provide child day care for their students.

Olympic Teams Sponsored by Fast Food Companies. Team members will sport the logos
of your familiar fast food chains. McDonalds, KFC, Taco Bell and the like.

Demise of the Penguins. They are doomed, anyway.
These delightful birds will someday only live in zoos. Aren't they cute, though?

Polar Bears only live in zoos. They will be the first to go.
Again, the only question is: what year?

Commercials in Movie Theaters - Inside the Movie! You know they want to do it.

Grocery Stores without a Produce Section. Pre-made foods are becoming so popular
that stores won't be able to justify the expense of maintaining fresh produce sections.

No More Superbowl. All it would take is one terrorist act at a Superbowl Game
and you can kiss the Superbowl goodbye forever.

Grocery Stores with free Fountain Drinks. To attract customers, they will offer
free soda for you to drink while shopping.

Child 10 or younger gets Gastric Bypass Surgery. Inevitable.

The last "Mom and Pop" Restaurant. Fast Food and Chain restaurants will become so
powerful that small, private restaurants won't be able to compete.

You can't buy a Fax. Fax machines will become obsolete.

You can't buy a Typewriter. Typewriters will become obsolete.

You can't by a VCR. Video cassette recorders will become obsolete.

Every Person has a unique Phone Number. Everyone will have his or her own
private phone, phone line or private cell phone number.

Can't buy a TV that is not HDTV. The TV broadcast bands were scheduled to be
re-allocated in 2006, then in Feb of 2009. This will happen some year.

Post Office stops Daily Delivery. To save money, delivery will be every other day.

No Products are Packaged in Glass. Plastic or Metal containers only.

Can Openers are Obsolete. All cans will have Pop Tops.

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