The Dumbing Down of America

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The Bloop, from Lost in Space

Photo of Will, the Bloop, and Penny.

The Bloop, riding on Pennys' back.

Hear "the Bloop" (.wav file) - the only sound "the Bloop" ever makes.

The Bloop - From "Lost In Space", the TV Series:
83 Eposides, 3 Seasons, 9/15/65 - 3/6/68
The epiosdes were well done, and all have a serious tone about them,
except for the arrival of Debbie, "the Bloop" in Episode 3:
"Island In the Sky" which aired on 9/29/65.

Especially Dumb: Episode 21: The Magic Mirror
Air Dates: 2/16/66 and 6/22/66
Penny, and her pet Bloop Debbie, fall through an alien mirror into
another dimension, onto a planet inhabited by a lonely, nameless boy.

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